Meet our Family

Our goal is to provide education and preventative care as well as solutions to the sometimes complex struggles you and your pet may face. We know this can be overwhelming and we want to work along side you to create a productive relationship that will make things easier for you and your pet.



Our Doctors

Dr. Charles Groover

Practicing: 20+years

Education: Bachlors in Animal and Veteriary Science at Clemson University. Vet school at Ross University and clinicals at LSU.


Best Part: I first of all love the relationship I develop with my clients and patients. I also love problem solving. That is my favorite thing to do. I love taking a mystery and solving it. 

Hardest Part: Records, records, records! They are one of the most important things I do but I don't enjoy all the paper work that is very necessary. 

Favorite animal: Yellow Lab

Dr. Eva Bogner

Practicing: 3 years

Education: Undergrad and Vet school at North Carolina State University. Followed by continuing education at the Chi Institute with  a focus on acupuncture and and traditional Chinese medicines. 


Best Part: Seeing the owner-pet relationship and getting to be an integral part of that bond through the pets lifetime. I also enjoy introducing pet owners to alternative therapies and treatments for their pets. 

Hardest part: Trying to keep a balance between my hectic work and home life. 

Favorite animal: cats

Dr. Matt Barber

Practicing: 15+ years

Education: Undergraduate and Vet school at the University of Georgia. 


Best Part: Meeting new people and building relationships & freindships. Also helping people and their pets when they may have lost hope. Not all cases are that way but the ones that are successful in that manner are the most rewarding.

Hardest Part: Balance! Veterinary  medicine is a very demanding profession. Finding time for family and other interests is extremely difficult.

Favorite animal: German Shorthair Pointer

Dr. Kim Smart

Practicing: 20+ years

Education: Bachlors in Animal and Veteriary Science at Clemson University. Vet school at Univeristy of Georgia. 


Best Part: Meeting people, hearing their experiences, developing friendships that go beyond the job itself while learning lessons that apply not only to my profession but my entire life as a whole.

Hardest Part: Juggling an ever changing schedule and life as a single mom. Sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to take care of everything that needs my attention.

Favorite animal: Horses & her Miniature Australian Shephard "Mocha"

Dr. Charlie Timmerman

Practicing: 49+ years.

Education: Bachlors in Animal and Veteriary Science at Clemson University. Vet school at Univeristy of Georgia. 


Best Part: There are so many "best" things about practicing veterinary medicine that it is hard to narrow down to just one thing. The joy on little (and big) kids faces when you make their pet well; the satisfaction of a job well done; being able to use so many different healing modalities - these are a few things that are "the best" part of my job. 


Hardest Part: The hardest part of practice is trying to balance your private life and family with work times. 


Favorite animal: Bird Dog (on point)

*Pictured from left to right


Our Technicians

Laura Gossett L.V.T.

Kesley Schutts L.V.T.

Sam Tiedman L.V.T.

Hailey Williamson (not pictured)


Our Assistants

Stephanie Prior

Caitlin Hunt

Autumn Williams

Lindsey Harville 

Lauren Prince (not pictured)

Callie Rogers (not pictured)

Ashleigh Holtsizer (not pictured)

Dee Bodie (not pictured)

Emily Gossett (not pictured)

Trent Bodie (not pictured)

Our Receptionists

Denise Morris

Amanda Glisson

Christina Grimes

Parker Donnelly(not pictured)

Rebecca Kitchens (not pictured)

Shyanne Hite (not pictured)

Audrey Bryce (not pictured)

Claire Smith (not pictured)