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We also offer a home-cooked recipe for both your dog and cat. This recipe is a rough outline and you can tailor it to your pets specific needs.


We have a diet list available that we recommend and is available at different stores around town.

Also offered is a list of raw and dehydrated diets and where they are located in town. Some dogs and cats prefer this diet and is a nice balance between kibble and home-cooked diets.

What do I feed my pet?  How much do I feed my pet? These are common questions among pet owners and very important ones. The food that you feed your pet affects them in every way. There be will  stages through your pets life that you have to change their diet and amount they eat as they grow and age. The veterinarians  here at Aiken Veterinary Clinic  will cover these questions  twice a year at the Semi Annual check ups to help guide you. Remember what you feed your pet is an investment into their future.

Pet Care


Online Pharmacy

Vet's First Choice

What is it?

     An online store that carries a number of prescription products that can be shipped directly to your door. 

Why should you shop there?

     These products are shipped directly from the manufactures and carry the same guarantees as products off our shelves. 

     You will receive e-mail offers with coupons and rebates to be used on this site. You can shop online at anytime and we can authorize prescriptions form our office without you having to come and pick them up.

      Shipping is free on most products (excluding prescription food - unless opted into auto ship - and compounded medications). Products shipped with free shipping usually arrive in 3-5 business days. 

Clinic Storefront   


**If you have any questions feel free to call the office.  

Online Pharmacy
Items for Possible Pet Emergencies
pet emergency
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Dental Disease
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