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Here at Aiken Veterinary Clinic we strive to treat your pet like they are our own. We believe that good physical exams and client education are the "key" ingredients to a  positive healthcare relationship. We offer a variety of services that include both traditional and alternative therapies.



Services For Dogs
Puppy Visits

The first Puppy Office Visit (POV) is a critical first step no matter if he/she is 6 weeks or 6 months old. During this visit we can discuss:


  • Vaccination Plans

  • Nutritional Needs

  • Developmental Needs and Issues

  • Discuss Flea and Heartworm Options

  • Neuter/Spaying ( and when appropriate )

  • Internal Parasites (we will test for them)  & deworm

Your puppy is unique and has specific needs that should be explored by both the owner and veterinarian. Its vital to discuss these individual needs so that veterinarian and the owner can work as a team to determine what is best for  your puppy.

Canine  Exams

Semi-Annual Exams


Semi-Annual Exams (Twice a year exams) - animals age about 7 times faster than humans, therefore, in order to keep up with your pets ever changing health status, we need to see them twice a year. This visit will include 


  • Vaccinations/Titers (when appropriate)

  • Diet/Nutrition Discussion

  • Heartworm Test

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)

  • Fecal Test (Intestinal Parasites)

  • VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation)


Services for Cats
alternative pet


Kitten's immune systems are still maturing, leaving them susceptible to many dangers.  We like to divide up kitten vaccines over a series of three visits. Spreading vaccinations out reduces the  amount of stress on your kitten's developing immune system.


Each visit will consist of a physical exam, nutritional educational and diet information, addressing any behavioral issues and vaccinations.


Testing for Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, internal parasites and ear mites will be done as the kitten reaches the appropriate age for these tests.

A happy healthy kitten grows into a happy healthy cat.

cat care aiken
Feline Wellness Exams


Each one of our feline patients have are unique and have individual needs. 

These specific needs are based on 

  1.  Where they spend their time (Indoor, Outdoor or Both)

  2.  Are there any other animals in their environment 

  3. Sex (Gender)

  4. Breed 

  5. Current Health Status (Ongoing Conditions or diseases)

All these questions play a role in 

  1. What vaccines are NEEDED

  2. Laboratory testing that should be performed

  3. Type of diet that should be fed 

We  want to partner with the cat owner to develop a health care plan that fits the needs of the individual .  Together as a team we can keep our feline family member "healthy by any means" .

Surgical services
Animal Surgeries
Surgical Services

Aiken Veterinary Clinic offers both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.  We  use the CO2 laser when possible, since it greatly benefits the patient in the recovery process.
  • Fracture Repair
  • ACL Repair (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
  • Patellar Luxation Repair 
  • FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy)
  • Limb Amputations
  Soft tissue
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Caesarians
  • Advanced Abdominal Surgery 
  • Entropion Eye Surgery
  • Urethrotomy
  • CO2 Laser Declaw
  • Gastric Tacks
  • Stenotic Nares 
  • Elongated Soft Palate 

Dental issues are the most diagnosed health issues in veterinary medicine. Most pets have periodontal disease. To help your pet we provide dental cleanings with or without extractions. We also discuss ways to keep your pets mouth clean so they do not require a dental, or at least extend the time between them. 


We have a full In-House Laboratory, we can analyze chemistry and blood cells in just a matter of minutes this includes :

  • Cortisol
  • Parvo/Distemper

  • FIV/FeLv test

  • Fecal Analysis

  • Heart worm test

  • Complete Chemistry Profile

  • CBC

  • Urinalysis

  • Progesterone 

  • Vaginal Smears

  • Semen Collection and Evaluation

  • Thyroid

We also work with multiple labs for more advanced laboratory services
  • PVPS- Histopathology and cytology to diagnose tumors
  • Texas A&M Veterinary Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Michigan State - Thyroid
xray aiken sc
ultrasound aiken sc
Aiken Veterinary Clinic has the very latest digital x-ray system. Our newly updated system allows us to get real time images that can be stored, enhanced and emailed when necessary.

We can send x-rays to a board certified radiologist for evaluation

Our veterinarians are certified in both PennHip and OFA (hip and elbow) services.  If you are interested in learning more about these services please click the box below or call/text 803-648-6886.
cold laser light therpy


  • Low Level Light Therapy (Laser)

Aiken Veterinary Clinic uses  an Erchoria base station, this is the most advanced cold laser unit used in veterinary medicine. It is human grade and FDA approved for many therapies in human medicine.

  • VOM ( Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation)

Aiken Veterinary has been using VOM (activator driven chiropractic therapy) for 20 years. This is an orthopedic therapy that has extensive benefits. It allows our veterinarians to treat pain at its source without use of drugs that only mask the pain.


We offer health exams for pets traveling both interstate and international.  Click the box below to learn more about this service.
Health Certificates

We currently have two ultrasound machines in our office. Our doctors are able to use these to help diagnose abdominal abnormalities, confirm pregnancies, collect urine for sterile evaluation

Health Certificates

Reproduction Services

Reproduction Services


We offer a wide variety medications, prescription foods, supplements, and Chinese herbs. We work closely with our distributers to provide the best medications for your pets. Our doctors believe that the use of Chinese herbs and supplements in conjunction with conventional medicine can greatly increase your pets quality of life.

Due to limited shelf space we are unable to carry all of the medications you may need. For those instances we do have an online pharmacy that intergrades into our computer system. 


We offer a variety of reproduction services for dogs and cats. 


We recommend a current physical exam, urinalysis, and fecal of any female that is close to coming in heat. This helps to ensure she is healthy enough to carry and care for her puppies. 


We offer in-house progesterone testing to help determine the correct time to bred as well as timing a caesarian section should it be needed.  


Artificial Insemination Services (AI)- Semen collection and evaluation for AI - we are able to do ... AI as well as using chilled semen. (it is the breeder's responsibility to have the chilled semen shipped to the clinic).

Pregnancy checks - we can do an ultrasound as early as 28 days into the pregnancy to check on the development of the puppies. (we cannot accurately count puppies on an ultrasound) 

After day 49 we can do an x-ray to get a puppy count. 

*****If you are interested in our reproductive services we do require that you be a current client and the females have a physical exam in the past 12 months before going into heat. This ensures that we are able to get you in for an appointment when it is time to breed. *****

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